Well, sometimes I just hope that "you" came and stand beside me, listening for all the unspoken thoughts inside my mind... And just smile while handing me a cup of tea... Giving some words to calm down my emotion... Then leave to prepare our dinner...

I can always listening "you" for all of your sadness and sorrow, your not yet reachable dreams, and receive all of your incompleteness... Maybe I will not be the first, but definitely the last person standing by you on the hardest situations... I'm not yet completed myself... But I will made your dreams my top priorities, more than mine... Isn't that enough?

And yet I still cannot find "you" in this many years of my life... Many person I believe will become "you" just not yet qualified... Or they just pretending to be "you"... Deep inside, I'm projecting your image in every person I met, but the image never get it's deserved vessel... And now, maybe I'm tired and needed to rest... 

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